areas of expertiese

Hoodoo, Sisters, Oregon

Hoodoo, Sisters, Oregon

  • Communication and the ability to build collaborative partnerships.
  • Big picture, long-term visioning:  managing long-term, multi-stage projects paired with an eye for detail.
  • Varied background and skills in real estate, public sector, communications, and development.
  • Experienced at bringing diverse groups together to gain consensus and working with and engaging marginalized populations
  • Leadership and team management through empowerment, communication, and creating a fun atmosphere.
  • Balance of great communication skills paired with excellent technical, financial, and planning skills.
Kate, you were fantastic…
our understanding of what an urban renewal district can be is so much better.
I had someone tell me
you were the best speaker we’ve ever had at League of Women Voters.
— Louise Maquering, League of Women Voters, Corvallis Oregon
Willamette National Forest

Willamette National Forest

Management philosophy

I am a leader who:

  • Builds strong relationships, collaborative partnerships, and trust with team, policymakers, community, and other departments through open and transparent communication.
  • Inspires others through my personal passion, commitment, and enthusiasm. Motivates by example: walking the walk, pitching in, and standing behind teammates.
  • Empowers teammates to do their best work through open communication, understanding their needs and desires, removing obstacles, providing background, or training when needed, and then getting out of their way so they can achieve great results. Keeps the team at the top of their game, feeling mentally and emotionally rewarded and stimulated.
  • Thinks strategically about projects and how they fit into the overarching goals of the department, council, and community. Takes the long-view and broad perspective related to vision, then communicates how the projects of today tie-in so teammates understand the importance of their work and how it fits in.
  • Acts with humility and shows gratitude constantly.
  • Has fun; creates an environment where people enjoy their work and celebrate their successes.